Style Influencers: Aleks JJ and Linda Norden

Aleks JJ and Linda Norden - Style Bloggers

In the world of influential style bloggers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a power couple like Aleks and Linda – two individuals inspiring on matters of dress. Each is influential in their own right, with a preference for a style that is Swedish minimalist – but with their own unique and personalized take.


Both Linda and Aleks manage their own namesake blogs, while maintaining very active and busy lifestyles. They are both talented, creative individuals who inspire and motivate each other everyday. Both offer each other a shoulder to lean on, through their personal and professional lives, and even more so when it comes to their shared passion – blogging on fashion and lifestyle and how it fits in with a busy life.


Through their journey together, they’ve always supported one another in their passion. Photographing one another, editing each others writing, and being a sounding board to one another’s ideas. It also helps that both have fulfilling careers – Aleks in management consulting and Linda in finance. There’s a saying that you should never bring your work home, but these two have managed to find a shared passion that fulfills that promise.


A word with two style influencers.


We recently spoke with both of them to learn a little more about their foray into blogging.

Style influencers: Linda Norden

“Just Do It is my attitude to most things in life.”
-Linda Norden

Style influencers: Aleks JJ

“I live my life by the motto: Everyday is suit and tie day.”
-Aleks JJ


How did you get started on your respective blogs? Do you motivate one another to put out interesting articles?


Aleks & Linda: We absolutely inspire and motivate one another.


Style influencers: Linda Norden


Linda: I started my blog for several reasons; as I’m into photography this was a perfect way to share my photos and also inspire myself to improve my photo skills. When I started I also wanted a place where I could structure my day-to day life in order to be more effective as I was engaged in a lot of different projects.


Thus it’s a great way to inspire yourself and others. The focus on business fashion arose from frustration not finding nice business-wear for women. Furthermore almost no blogs or sites with this type of content existed either or at least were not easy to find. As I work in an environment that calls for a more business professional approach, I wanted to learn more about women’s business-wear.


Style influencers: Aleks JJ

Aleks wearing the Tides pocket square from R. Culturi


Aleks: The reason I started my blog in the first place was after Linda inspired me to. The blog is meant to serve as my own learning platform to learn more in depth about shoes, menswear and accessories but in particular business-wear. We often discuss different topics and share knowledge and experiences before, during and after writing our posts.


Both of your blogs are centered around clothing that is work-appropriate. How does your weekend style differ from what you wear during the work week?


Style influencers: Casual weekend

Aleks: I think if you ask Linda she would say that it doesn’t differ as much as it should =) but I would say that the main difference is less full suits and more mix of sport coat/trousers and maybe changing the shirt for a Friday polo, popover or similar.


Style influencers: Casual wear


Linda: My weekend style differs quite a lot. I usually wear a pair of thorn jeans, a jersey and sneakers. I like to wear cozy and comfortable clothes when not at work.


How would you distinguish Swedish or Scandinavian style vs British, French, Italian, etc? What details or manner of dress is decidedly Swedish?


Linda: The Swedish style in general is ‘minimalistic’. Thus simple, but chic. It’s funny because usually you can spot Swedish people abroad just by looking at what they wear. Common attributes are slim fit and discrete jewelry and overall well thought out outfits that don’t scream for attention.


Aleks: In my opinion Swedish men dress very well in general. The “typical” Scandinavian style I would say is in general a bit tighter and a bit shorter when it comes to suits, sport coats and trousers. However the interest for classic menswear has grown quite rapidly lately and you can see more classic fits with wider lapels, more drape and higher waist on the trousers than I personally prefer. But like Linda mentions, you can easily spot a Scandinavian when abroad, merely looking at their outfit.


What are the must have items for someone trying to build a classic men’s and womenswear wardrobe?


Style influencers: Tuxedo

Aleks: For men a nice navy suit, preferably with some texture that can serve as a full suit but can be split up and worn as a sport coat with cotton trousers, jeans or whatever trousers one prefers. Adding some cotton trousers, some crisp white/blue shirts and you have a great starting point for both business occasions, business casual occasions or for your weekend festivities. In general go for basic colors that work well together.


Style influencers: Weekend sun dress


Linda: A women should definitely have at least one full suit in navy blue and a white cotton shirt and/or a silk blouse. She should also get a pencil skirt that ends just above the knee or just below the knee. A pencil skirt should never be shorter than just above the knee in a corporate environment. A pair of close-toed heels, for example a pair of pumps with a heel height not taller than 8,5 cm. As for men, it’s easy to split these pieces and wear them both for business professional and business casual occasions.


An outfit is never truly complete without ________. Fill in the blank.


Aleks: Tie, pocket square and a nice watch

Linda: A watch, rings and a nice scarf.


As a couple, you’ve worn all the types of accessories that R. Culturi offers. What, to you, makes an R. Culturi tie, pocket square, or scarf unique?


Aleks & Linda: We both really like the fact that you work together with “smaller” artists with different focus from around the globe. This gives unique shapes, forms and patterns in the products with a story behind them. It’s always more fun to start a conversation with someone around e.g. your pocket square with mentioning that it’s made from an artist from India, Shanghai or Sweden.


Style influencers: Formal attire


Photos courtesy of Aleks JJ and Linda Norden.


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