Before It’s a Scarf or Pocket Square, It’s Just a Rough Draft

Wave of Modernity scarf in progress

The truth is, in the beginning, I had a very faint idea of what I was doing. I reached out to a bunch of artists whose work I admired to see if they would be willing to work with me on a project called “R. Culturi”. Some ignored me but luckily, most of them thought it was a great idea and were very forthcoming.


The first question was always “do you have any examples of what you’re looking for?”


“No, sorry. We don’t have any products yet. We’d like you to create something that’s true to your artistic style and still looks good as a textile accessory.” This was the same response I would give each and every artist that replied to us, and I’d get a deflated reply – “Oh….ok.”


Of course, the conversation now is a lot smoother. However, I still breathe a sigh of relief when I finally see a first draft of what is to become a scarf, pocket square, or necktie design. It means we’ve reached a crucial point in our collaboration with the artist where we have a concrete idea that frames the design. It’s like seeing a seed you planted finally start to bud – it may take a while to grow into a tree but at least the process has begun.


I often look back fondly on the rough drafts. They remind me of the process of creating each of our scarves, pocket squares, and ties.


I’d like to share a few rough drafts from the archives of our collection. It goes to show how much each piece evolves before it finally takes form.

Bound by Culture pocket square

Bound by Culture pocket square first draft

Creation pocket square

Creation pocket square first draft

Knight’s Move pocket square

Knight's Move pocket square first draft

Nayade scarf

Nayade scarf first draft

Wave of Modernity Scarf

Wave of Modernity scarf first draft

Colorful Wind pocket square

Colorful Wind pocket square first draft

Tides pocket square

Tides pocket square first draft

Fish and Lotus scarf

Fish and Lotus scarf first draft

Still Life pocket square

Still Life pocket square first draft


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