Why You Should Steal Your Wife’s Scarf

Scarf worn like a tie

Men’s neckwear generally involves ties, bow ties, ascots, and cravats but there’s also a way to wear what is traditionally considered a women’s scarf in a way that’s classy, albeit slightly unorthodox. In this tutorial, a step-by-step guide to wearing scarf neckties will be provided – essentially wearing a scarf like a tie.

In this demonstration, the Palm Flower scarf from the R. Culturi collection is being used. Any other scarf from the collection will also work, depending on personal preference. Generally, scarves that are made of a lighter fabric such as modal/silk in this case, or silk twill or silk satin will work best.
Avoid wool or cashmere because the hand is thicker, and it might create just too big of a knot, and excessive collar bulge. Sticking to lighter fabrics will lead to the best results.

How to wear scarf neckties:

Scarf neckties using a four in hand knot

Step No. 1

Lay the scarf out on a flat surface – a table, bed, or anything similar as long as you have enough space.

Step No. 2

Begin by taking two opposite corners and folding them inwards towards the center. It doesn’t have to be perfect, since there will be a little bit of bunching.

Step No. 3

Once both corners are folded inward to the center, start rolling the scarf from outside inwards from those two opposite corners. Roll each side until they meet, and then fold the two halves onto one another. You are effectively creating a lining by carrying out this folding.

Step No. 4

Pick up the rolled up scarf by its ends and twirl it around a little. Now you’ve created a tie. Next thing to do is pop your collar to begin the tying process.

Step No. 5

Grab the scarf, put it around the neck, and adjust it so that the right side is going to be a little bit longer than the left side. This is going to be the front and back blades, just like with a tie. Depending on proportions, height, outfit, and trouser rise – some adjustment to the blades will be needed. Play around with it until the perfect length is achieved, and put the collar back down.

Wearing scarf neckties with a waistcoat

Step No. 6

Tuck everything in to make it look nice and neat, without having any scarf sticking out anywhere. Begin to tie it, just like a four-in-hand. Pass the right side over the left side, then in the back and loop it around once, put it through the loop at the top, let it hang down a little bit and just adjust everything making sure it’s nice and neat. Finally, put this through the loop created right here to get your knot.

Make the adjustments to give the knot the shape that is most flattering. Wearing this scarf-tie with a waistcoat allows it to be fanned out a little bit – effectively providing a pop.

Watch the full tutorial on our YouTube Channel.

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