What is R. Culturi?

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R. Culturi is not only an accessories brand but also a mission to discover and share art and culture from around the world. Culture both unites people and pushes them apart. Culture nurtures individuality but can also hold one back from achieving a comprehensive worldview.


Culture is something that is both uniquely our own yet can be shared with our peers. It is a beautiful and sometimes dangerous contradiction which physically manifests itself in art and creation. There exist many different cultures, beliefs, and traditions. Understanding and respecting them can only be positive for one’s personal and intellectual development.


We chose to explore this abstract idea of culture by finding artists from different countries and cities and asking them to design artwork to put on exquisite handmade neckties, pocket squares and scarves. The reason for this was threefold.


Firstly, an accessory serves as the perfect ‘blank canvas’ for an artist to display his or her style without constraint.


Secondly, the various accessories we wear today have their roots in what were once items indigenous to a particular people or region of the world.


Lastly, we hope that combining fashion with art not only provides a unique exposure to the individuals that shape our collections but also makes consumers more aware of the creative process behind the things that they purchase. Therefore, our philosophy is to always promote the creator as well as his or her creation. The two are inseparable.

The artists and artwork behind the R. Culturi launch collection.


We are launching with 5 men’s and 5 women’s designs. The men’s collection was created by Alena Tkach, Roman Ismagilov, and Anna Simkin, all young artists who came from what was once the Soviet Union. Roman Ismagilov spent his childhood in Ufa, Russia, before immigrating to the United States. Anna Simkin was born in Ryazan, Russia, grew up in Tel Aviv, and now resides in India. Alena Tkach is from the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine.


Although these artists all live in different countries a common thread still ties them together. The women’s collection is represented by countries that are finding and pushing for a way forward from social or economic hardships to create better circumstances for their citizens. Ksenia Selianko and Serhiy Fedynyak hail from Ukraine, Chocho Gutierrez is from Mexico, Mario Alba is from the Catalonia region of Spain, and Bylgja Lind Pétursdóttir is from Iceland.


You will find that every artist’s unique approach is presented in their work. What shaped each of these styles is up to you to think about and decide for yourself. We hope you enjoy our first collection!


Bound by Culture pocket square by R. Culturi

Bound by Culture – Roman Ismagilov, New York


Сonifer Collection I pocket square by R. Culturi

Сonifer Collection I – Alena Tkach, Kharkiv


Сonifer Collection II pocket square by R. Culturi

Сonifer Collection II – Alena Tkach, Kharkiv


Creation pocket square by R. Culturi

Creation – Anna Simkin, Tel Aviv


Knight's Move pocket square by R. Culturi

Knight’s Move – Roman Ismagilov, New York


Fuglaflétta scarf by R. Culturi

Fuglaflétta – Bylgja Lind Pétursdóttir, Egilsstaðir


Palm Flower scarf by R. Culturi

Palm Flower – Chocho Gutierrez, Tijuana


Reflections scarf by R. Culturi

Reflections – Serhiy Fedynyak, Lviv


Wave of Modernity scarf by R. Culturi

Wave of Modernity – Ksenia Selianko, Kiev


Náyade scarf by R. Culturi

Náyade – Mario Alba, Barcelona


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