A Preview Of The Blugiallo and R. Culturi Pocket Square Collection

Blugiallo and R Culturi Pocket Square Collection collaboration Blugiallo and R Culturi Pocket Square Collection - tie and square


An idea to pay tribute to the nature and beauty of the Swedish landscape led to a collaboration between NYC-based R. Culturi and Blugiallo of Sweden.


The result. A beautifully designed collection of artwork pocket squares marrying a passion for menswear with Swedish heritage.

Welcome North, a pocket square collection from Blugiallo and R. Culturi.


The collection is aptly named “Welcome North,” chosen to signify its Swedish lineage. Carefully curated and produced by R. Culturi, this collection complements the essence and aesthetic of Blugiallo’s premium made-to-measure service of tailored clothing.


Blugiallo and R Culturi Pocket Square Collection

A series of of stunning hand-drawn motifs make up the collection through another collaboration with a homegrown talent, Boras-based artist Sara Johanna Svensson.


What makes this collaboration unique is the fact that the founders of Blugiallo are also from Boras, and wanted to connect with their roots, while still paying homage to Sweden.


“We chose to extol the beauty and nature of the Swedish landscape, and marry it with our love for menswear through this collection – something many Swedes can relate to.”


In her signature minimalist style, each of Sara’s five works of art have been reproduced and hand-crafted in Italy as luxurious silk pocket squares.

Blugiallo and R Culturi Pocket Square Collection - welcome north

About the artist – Sara Johanna Svensson.


Sara has a background in Interior Architecture and is currently studying Photography at the Valand Academy of Arts in Gothenburg.


Her artwork combines various techniques and mediums, including photography, watercolor, and pencil and is characterized by its playful minimalism and light colors.

For an exclusive preview, visit Casa di Sartoria to view the entire collection of pocket squares.

Official Collection Launch.


Blugiallo and R. Culturi will be hosting an open house on Saturday, January 28th from 4 PM to 8 PM at Kommendorsgatan 15 in Stockholm. The collection will be officially unveiled to all guests in attendance.




If you happen to be in Stockholm, this is an event you certainly don’t want to miss!
RSVP via link below.



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