Do You Own A Blue Blazer?

Navy Blazer

I purchased my first “good” blue blazer at a Boggi Milano store in Sanremo, Italy. My fascination with classic menswear was just starting to blossom and I was eager to upgrade some of the items I had bought in my early 20’s. Although I came in to buy one, I ended up getting two jackets – a beige cotton and a navy birdseye wool, both single-breasted, unstructured, with soft shoulders and patch pockets. In all, very Neapolitan.


Although I loved both jackets, I found myself gravitating to the navy one much more frequently. It became my most worn jacket, whether to a work dinner, a movie, or a night out. It just went so effortlessly with everything.


Unfortunately, someone spilled red wine all over it one evening and the dry cleaner only made this tragedy worse. I’ve since emotionally moved on and found a replacement, another great navy jacket I often reach for when I leave the house.


The point is, a navy blazer is the most versatile jacket you can own. The color pairs well with shirts and trousers in blues, greys, browns, and whites – and in a combination of different tones. If you’ve ever heard the classic question of “what to wear with a navy blazer?”, the answer is generally, “anything.”


A navy jacket also works very well with solid-colored grenadine, knit, and wool ties as well as with simple linen or silk pocket squares. Even ties and pocket squares with bolder colors and designs are grounded by the navy jacket, making them look classic and elegant.


If you own a navy jacket, it makes your decisions when getting dressed in the morning that much easier.


Here are a few examples of some great looks for inspiration:

Blue blazer with knit polo


blue blazer as part of a suit


Blue blazer with Mandala tie


Blue blazer from Blugiallo


Blue blazer with mandala necktie and vision of an urban peasant pocket square


Blue blazer paired with R. Culturi accessories
Do you have one in your closet?


– Anthony

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