Menswear Tastemakers: Juho Rehakka Of The Nordic Fit


R. Culturi speaks with sartorial savant, Juho Rehakka of The Nordic Fit, in our latest series chronicling the journeys of acclaimed menswear tastemakers.


I met Juho Rehakka earlier this year on a short stay in Stockholm for a trunk show collaboration we were doing with Blugiallo. We had conversed over email and social media multiple times but this would be our first face-to-face meeting. It’s always nice meeting folks in the menswear space. As is the norm, we hit it off and talked at length about the industry until I realized my flight was only a few short hours away.


Juho’s blog is quite a popular watering hole for sartorially thirsty readers. The candor of his musings and the visuals of his wardrobe inspiration is a combination that is a rarity among his peers. And not to mention, his taste is impeccable, a result of his immense sartorial passion – with a Finnish flair of course. I can certainly attest to that.


Juho Rehakka – @thenordicfit
Management Consultant, Helsinki, Finland, #TheNordicFitCom

Juho Rehakka of The Nordic Fit

How did you get into menswear? Were you always conscious of how you dress?


When I was younger, I was more fashion forward and into trends we see in chains such as H&M. The shift into more classic menswear started to happen as I found certain Internet sites such as Styleforum about eight years ago. The way I see it, I’ve only recently started to really appreciate timeless and truly classic aesthetics.


Your personal style has changed significantly since you first started out, becoming more classic and Neapolitan with each year. What’s driven this shift in your personal tastes? 


If I look at my wardrobe, I would argue that it’s not very Neapolitan. I’m only now finishing my first bespoke commissions and fair enough, now there are some very distinctive Neapolitan characteristics.

That said, my preferred suit cut has changed drastically and continuously gone to a more classic direction. What has driven the change is hard to say, but I feel like it is a very natural “learning curve” for most enthusiasts – starting from more trendy things and ending up in the very classic end of the menswear spectrum.

In the future, I think my style will be a combination of different tailoring styles from Neapolitan to more Florentine aesthetics. Transforming and building a wardrobe takes time though and it’s fun to shop around a little bit, trying out different tailoring houses and building relationships with different artisans.


Vision of an Urban Peasant - R Culturi Silk Twill Pocket Square

Scandinavia seems to be at the epicenter of the classic menswear revival, with Finland playing no small part. Why do you think there is so much activity and innovation in this sphere in your part of the world?


Going back to their royal heritage, Sweden has always had long tradition in tailoring. For us Finns, the scene is still very much absent and to be fleshed out by those few pioneers we have, but I must say I think Finland had at least claimed its spot on the map.

It’s great to see we have a few well-known stores with more popping up, and even some people one could call an “influencer.” In general, I think the phenomenon feeds itself, so as there’s been more and more activity in the menswear scene it has continued to snowball. As a result we do in fact have a very healthy classic menswear scene in Sweden, Norway and Finland at least.


What are the must have items for someone trying to build a classic menswear wardrobe?


I’ll go with the boring navy suit, but I’ll try adding something new and will also recommend a fabric for it: Holland & Sherry’s Crispaire. Other must haves include one amazing floral tie and a pair of mid brown suede loafers.


Knights Move - R Culturi Silk Twill Pocket Square

An outfit is never truly complete without _________? Fill in the blank.


A good ironing. Press your suit/jacket/trousers/tie before you wear them – it will make a big difference!


You first discovered R. Culturi pocket squares in 2016. What drew you to the brand? What has been your favorite piece from the collection?


I really liked the pocket square designs and it was nice to see you being active in the scene. My favorite piece is definitely Knight’s Move.


Juho’s favorites from the R. Culturi Pocket Square collection:

All photos courtesy of The Nordic Fit.

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