How To Wear A Scarf And Style It

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How to style a scarf. 

There are endless resources on the web on how to tie a scarf, but not as many practical tips of how to wear one in a modern, stylish way. There are particular styles that go well with different folds, and it’s important to remember that the small details make for a more exciting outfit.

The “Toss” fold.

The first fold is called the ‘Toss’. It is a fairly straightforward fold and easy to style. There are only two important rules to remember. One is that there’s an open décolletage. Secondly, you should have a tight or straight cut.

Outfit No. 1.

How to wear a women's scarf

Náyade Silk Chiffon Scarf

The first outfit shown here, has a straight neckline with a short, tight dress. You can also wear either a long or short skirt here as well. It is paired here with a light silk chiffon scarf.

Outfit No. 2.

How to wear a scarf

Wave of Modernity Satin Silk Scarf

This outfit consists of a straight pencil skirt with a v-neck. If the top is loose, tuck it into the waistline. If it is tight and ends at the waistline, leave it untucked. The same applied with a dress. It is paired here with a satin silk scarf.

Outfit No. 3.

How to style a scarf

Feathers Modal & Cashmere Scarf

This outfit consists of a pantsuit with a v-neck top under a jacket. A jumpsuit works just as well but remember – no loose pants! If you wear a jacket, you can go with different types of necklines as long as there is an open décolletage. The outfit here is paired with a bright cashmere scarf.

The “DIY Infinity” and “Celebrity Style” folds.

The next folds are known as ‘DIY Infinity’ and the ‘Celebrity Style’. These two styles can be combined because the main idea is actually the same – you just wrap the scarf around your neck several times to create volume. The only difference is how you tie the ends. This fold can go with pretty much everything – dress, skirt, separates, or a jumpsuit. The ideal necklines to go with this fold are a boat, high-neck, and v-neck.

Outfit No. 1.

Scarf folds

Palm Flower Modal & Silk Scarf

This outfit has a high neck so the fold should be relatively easy to tie. Don’t worry about how it drapes, as long as the volume is there. Pants can easily be substituted here here if that’s your preference. Here it is paired with a teal modal scarf.

Outfit No. 2.

Scarf folds with volume

Impressions of the Orient Modal & Cashmere Scarf

Outfit no. 2 has a boat neck so the neck needs to stay covered. It is paired here with a soft, blue cashmere scarf.

Outfit No. 3.

Scarf folds with an open neck

Reflections Silk Twill Scarf

With this outfit, there is a v-neck having an open décolletage. Ensure that the ends are hidden in this fold. It’s open to any outfit really – pants, dress, or a jumpsuit. Here, it is shown paired with a silk twill scarf.

The “Hourglass” and “Omega” folds.

The next folds are called the ‘Hourglass’ and the ‘Omega’. They are being paired because they both require the same type of outfit. There are two important rules to remember with these folds. One is that a belt will be required to highlight the waistline and, secondly, if wearing a skirt it must be medium to long.

Outfit No. 1.

Scarf fold with a belt

Hearts in Transition Modal & Cashmere Scarf

This outfit is using hourglass fold. It’s with a long skirt and sweater. The sweater can be tucked or untucked. This look can also be accomplished with a belted dress. Here it is shown paired with a soft, cashmere scarf.

Outfit No. 2.

Hourglass fold

Night Gazelle Silk Twill Scarf

Outfit no. 2 is the Omega style fold. It’s worn with a medium-length dress and can also be worn separately with a top and a skirt as long as the waistline is highlighted. It’s paired here with a silk twill scarf.

Outfit No. 3.

Omega and hourglass scarf folds

Fuglaflétta Silk Chiffon Scarf

This outfit shows the hourglass fold but can also be done with the Omega. In this look, the style is emphasized by wearing pants along with a jacket and belt. Any neckline is fine but a jacket is highly recommended with this look, and is paired here with a silk, chiffon scarf.

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