5 Great Outfits To Pair A Scarf With

A scarf is a stylish, versatile accessory that can easily transform an outfit with a simple burst of color. From formal to evening or weekend casual – scarves not only enhance an outfit’s character, they also provide much needed warmth on those chilly nights.


Linda Norden, an expert stylist and Swedish blogger providing dressing tips to business-minded women, shows us 5 great outfits to pair a scarf with.


5 great outfits to pair a scarf with: - business casual

Business Casual

An additional layer is easily accomplished by simply throwing a scarf over your shoulders, and letting it drape over your body. This works best with muted tops that would benefit from a color burst the scarf adds. Simple and elegant describes this look best – resulting in a smart casual ensemble.

5 great outfits to pair a scarf with


5 great outfits to pair a scarf with: smart casual

Smart Casual

Scarves can be worn so many ways, but the traditional method is to wrap it around your neck in some fashion. In this look, the scarf is folded over a few times to make it thicker – and simply wrapped around your neck. It’s best left hanging loose, allowing its vibrant colors to make an impression against a contrasting top. In this case, a black turtleneck.


5 great outfits to pair a scarf with: modern


5 great outfits to pair a scarf with: office

Business Modern

Similar to smart casual, this look emphasizes the wrap-around by tucking it into your bottom – trousers or a skirt. The rigidity of a tucked-in scarf suits a more formal environment, while still adding a little flair. With the right colors, a scarf transitions from an accessory to an article of clothing when worn in this fashion. Take it off with ease for formal meetings, if you feel it may attract unwanted attention.

5 great outfits to pair a scarf with: loosely

Evening Relaxed

Take off those pumps and transition into the evening in a more relaxed outfit. In this look, a scarf is is loosely tied around the neck – making for a more playful appearance. Allow for enough length to let the scarf fall down to your hips. Spread out the bottom or create a frilled look, and you’re ready for a night on the town with friends.


5 great outfits to pair a scarf with: turtleneck

Weekend Easy

Nothing beats the feeling of getting through a tough week at work, and having an easygoing weekend with family and friends. In this elegant weekend outfit, a scarf is wrapped completely around the neck – creating a contrast turtleneck against an off-white knit sweater. In each and every look, the scarf’s colors are toned down by using solid, muted tops and bottoms.

Scarves are versatile, elegant accessories that effortlessly work with an existing wardrobe. Aside from their functional purpose, their vibrant colors breathe new life into old favorites.


All photos by Aleks JJ, via Lindaz.se

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