The Only 3 Ways You Should Be Folding Your Pocket Square

There are many reasons to wear pocket squares. We often get very fussy about how to fold a pocket square, what color or print to pick, and if to wear one at all. But there’s no reason to. They are simply meant to provide a dose of personality into an otherwise muted outfit. Whether you choose to wear one or not, we’re here to discuss basic pocket square folds and how others choose to wear them.


Some rules: there are none. Choose something to complement your outfit and wear it with nonchalance. The moment fussiness comes into play, the pocket square becomes a chore. Think of it as the pièce de résistance. The icing on the cake. Just keep two things in mind when picking a square; whether you want maintain a formal look or add some flair with color and pattern.

How to fold a pocket square: Here are 3 Essential Pocket Square Folds:

Pocket square folds: How to fold a pocket square in the classic way

The classic TV fold – White square


This is non-fussy, simple and works well for almost everything. Use this fold for formal styles, and to avoid any unnecessary attention.


A crisp white or light blue in linen is best. Using a border / piping for color coordination is welcomed, but avoid matching colors exactly across your ensemble. Go for a unique style rather than a uniform look.

Pocket square folds: the classic fold with levels

The classic TV fold – White square with piping

Pocket square folds: the two-peak fold

The 2 peak fold – Plain white square


Another versatile and simple fold. It can be used on formal occasions as well as casual outings. There are three different variations of this fold: the single-peak, double-peak, and triple-peak. Try all three and stick to your favorite after that.


Opt for a plain white pocket square when going formal, and use a combination of color / pattern for a casual ensemble.

Pocket Square Folds: Peak fold

The peak fold – Plain white square with piping

Pocket Square Folds: Peak fold

The 3 peak fold

Pocket square folds: the puff fold

The puff fold – Variation 1


There are two main variations of this fold, but the way you display it in your breast pocket adds serious sprezz. This pocket square fold is very easy to create and playful, so it works best with an odd jacket/trouser combo.


The bent puff fold works by exposing the edges / peaks of the square – located behind the puff  to add a little eccentricity to your outfit while still being nonchalant.

Pocket square folds: the puff fold with color

The puff fold – Variation 2


The standard puff fold is very simple. Just stuff it into your pocket and puff it out exposing the color and pattern to show off that pop of personality. This can work with suits, but odd jacket/trouser combinations are really where this pocket square fold shines.
Pocket Square Folds: Puff fold

The puff fold – Variation 3

How to pick one pocket square fold over another.


There are no rules when it comes to the right pocket square folds to use. The formal or casual nature of the occasion will largely dictate what style to go with. Don’t overthink it. Stick to these three essential folds as they will work well with a majority of styles and outfits.


While every man wants to look his best, there are certain parts of dressing that should not drain you mentally. And the pocket square is definitely one such accessory that deserves limited attention.

Pocket square folds: the simple and classic fold

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